10 Actual Facts and True Thoughts about the Post-Truth Era in America

(1) If you call a person a liar a million times, untruth about that person becomes fact.

(2) If a man says “It’s huge!” it’s huge. Making America Great Again is not part of the Napoleon Boner-part complex.

(3) You don’t need to worry about the future. Many voters in America think the future is going to be just like the past.

(4) Russia good. China bad. If you don’t agree, very sad!

(5) Don’t despair if the concrete government programs that help people are demolished and the promised “beautiful and tremendous” things don’t materialize. You can always look forward to reading the Declaration of America Re-achieving Greatness in a tweet.

(6)  The Founding Fathers were afraid that the majority of the masses wouldn’t do the right thing. What they didn’t foresee is that the minority of the people can turn their worst fear into reality.

(7)  Mainstream Media had its finger on the pulse of the two Coasts of America. If only they listened to the beat of the heartland…

(8)  Educated masses are like thorns in the side of the ruling class. If we privatize schools and make them as expensive as college, then only a select few can get educated and some of them can be groomed to run the country smoothly. Other people can go to privatized jails and get their basic education there.

(9)  Red is the new blue. White is always white. Orange is the new black. Too bad there is no black in the US flag. Otherwise, we could change its colors to red, white, and orange to go with the latest fashion.

(10) Having a President with Post-Truth on his side is not the end of the world. Presidents come and go. Candidates win or lose. A lie for a lie is bad for everyone’s mind. Let’s hope that plain truth will become trendy again.

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